HouseMAXX - Home Sellers FAQ

1. Is my property shown by you? No you show your own property.

2. Is listing my home on your site easy? Yes it's as easy as 1,2,3! LIST NOW

3. Can I list more than 1 home?Yes, but each list is separate and there is a cost for each listing.

4. Can I make changes to my listing? Yes by logging into your account with your username and password.

5. Do I receive any signage with my listing? No all listings are online only and get regional, national and international exposure.

6. How long will my property remain listed for? Depends on the listing option you choose.

7. How many photos am I allowed to post with my listing? Up to 12 photos.

8. How long will it take to sell my home? Depends if you price it competitively within your city and market.

9. I sold my home in less time than the listing length allowed. Can I get a part of my money back? That's GREAT! HouseMAXX™ worked for you! There is no refunds or discounts.

10. Does the contact name on the listing have to be the name of the homeowner? Yes it should be as you or whoever is looking after your sale should have their contact information on your listing.

11. How much should I offer for a house I really like? Fair market value and negotiate with seller until you come to a win-win agreement.

12. Are you Realtors®? No we are not realtors® we are a group of business people that have put together a service to help people sell their homes without paying high real estate fees/commissions.

13. How long have you been in business? Since 2006 (7+ years).

14. How do you make money? By charging you a small listing fee to post your property on our website and giving you a professional and viable avenue to sell your property yourself and helping you keep your hard earned equity!

15. I've received a fantastic offer that I want to accept, what should I do? Pick up a $10-$15 "Offer to Sell" or "Purchase Real Estate Agreement" from Staples or Office Depot and both you and your buyer sign the documents and make copies for yourselves and then each brings a copy to your respective Lawyers/attorneys to finalize the don't need a Realtor to do this for you.

16. I've had many open houses and not many good offers, why do you suppose this is? Maybe your home is too cluttered and messy, maybe your price is too high.......that is something you will have to figure out.

17. I'm not sure whether I should display my contact information on my listing? Buyers need to get a hold of you and prior to them coming over, so, yes you need to put your contact info on your listing. You can really screen them well over the phone by asking them specific questions. i.e. Are you pre-qualified at your bank? When are you looking to move if you find the right home? Is your wife going to be coming with you to view the home?

18. Can I advertise my home with you and be listed with an agent? You can advertise on HouseMAXX and also cooperate with a agent and have them list on MLS for you.

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